Jaguar C-X75 Spectre
Jaguar C-X75 Spectre

In 2010, Jaguar surprised everyone when it introduced the C-X75 model, created in collaboration with the Williams F1, that would have to come out of production within a short time.

The amazing appearance on the outside and the 778 horsepower it produced makes it a very popular model. But the economic situation that was reigning at the time had made it impossible to ever produce since it was not expected to have the right demand in the market just because of customers’ financial condition.

This model was produced in four units, to be part of the Specter film, while it was used by James Bond in some of the main scenes.

Now Jaguar has completely created a C-X75 Specter, which will go on sale in Abu Dhabi within days. If the sale reaches large sums, it is likely that Jaguar will reverse its decision and produce the 250 units it had canceled, but still may get them out of production.

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