The fight against passwords Microsoft has decided to lead it to a new level. The company launched an experimental version of Windows 10 for the “Fast Ring” insiders, which comes with the password-locking option in the operating system.

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In the “Sign-in” password settings it does not appear at all. To access the computer, you need to use three options: Face Detection with Windows Hello, fingerprint scanner, a PIN code or a physical security key. If you do not have Windows Hello enabled, Microsoft will guide you to its configuration in the next access.

Make your device passwordless” is only available for a limited number of users currently, and with the passage of the week they will see it. Being in the “Fast Ring” do not be surprised if there is something that does not work with it.

Beyond this function, this experimental Windows 10 build brings the smartphone screen sharing feature through your Phone application to more Surface devices like Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2. Also with this version you can create activities in the calendar application directly from the taskbar.

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