The chip codenamed “Whitechapel” can be an ARM 8 core processor, using the Samsung 5-nanometer process

The next step for Google to take the lead in the hardware part of the smartphone world has just arrived. It is reported that Google is working to create its own processors, and it is planned that the future generations of Pixel models will be powered by them, and future Chromebooks will follow.

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The chip codenamed “Whitechapel” could be an ARM 8 core processor, using the Samsung 5-nanometer process, according to reports. The processor can be optimized to work better with the company’s own machine learning technology, and part of it can be fully dedicated to Google Assistant.

In fact, Google itself produces several types of chips for its own devices, such as the Titan M for security or the Pixel Neural Core located inside the Pixel 4.

At the moment Pixel processors are manufactured by Qualcomm, and a dedicated processor would improve the performance of a given system more or less as Apple processors are specifically designed for iOS.

The move would also be a blow to Qualcomm which currently produces processors for all Android except Huawei and some Samsung types. Competition in the market, however, would only bring benefits to the industry itself.

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