Google launches Squoosh, the photo conversion application

The Google Developer Conference for Chrome is underway and one of the things that came out of it was the official discovery of Squoosh yesterday, an online service designed to showcase your browser’s new capabilities.

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Squoosh is an online image converter that converts the images you upload into different formats. This app is not designed as a competitor of similar platforms, but as a service for new Internet technologies.

The service works on some web browsers and not just in Chrome.

Squoosh takes an image source and turns it into one of the supported formats. The process is automatic and occurs locally after the initial download of the app in the browser.

The application supports the OptiPNG, MozJPG, WebP and PNG, JPG, and WebP formats. A line divides the image into the original version and the converted version.

It’s easy to switch to another format and change its settings. Simply click on the format selector and select a new format: the app converts the image to the selected format and displays it immediately in the viewing area.

One click on the download button saves the converted image to the local system.

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