GUIDE 2019: How to know when the battery of the phone needs to be replaced?
GUIDE 2019: How to know when the battery of the phone needs to be replaced?

If you have recently encountered problems with the smartphone, and you understand that the cell phone battery is discharged more quickly than you are usually, but you are not sure if the reason lies in the change in the way your device is used or because of its potential damage, follow this guide to help you.

In this article we will show you how to understand if the smartphone battery will need to be changed due to damage, explaining the use of some applications for Android and iOS, or only in the case of iPhone, through some special features.

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Cell Phone Battery: Knowing Android Battery Status:

In Android, given that in general there is no standard functionality for battery condition analysis, you can only use third-party App. In the Play Store, there are many applications that have this purpose. The one we advise you to use is AccuBattery, which integrates several functions to monitor battery status with various tips to improve its performance and lifespan.

Accu​Battery - Akku & Batterie
Accu​Battery - Akku & Batterie
  • Accu​Battery - Akku & Batterie Screenshot
  • Accu​Battery - Akku & Batterie Screenshot

After you download and install the AccuBattery App, make sure the smartphone is connected to the charger, and follow the steps of this guide.

To see the status of the battery, click Swipe several times from right to left, and then press the “Tick” button at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the “Health” button you will be able to see battery life graphs and how it is consumed over time. Carefully, the app needs some charging and discharging cycles to show accurate data. If the usage graph is normal, then you are running the battery well. But if you see that the chart shows its fast degeneration, in relation to the moment of purchase of the mobile then there is something that does not go with the battery. This app is also a good way to understand if a newly purchased mobile has actually been used before.

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Mobile phone battery: Knowing the iPhone Battery status:

Starting from iPhone 6, iOS 11.3 and others behind it, a battery condition analysis feature was included. To see this functionality, you need to access the “Settings” application and go to the “Battery” icon.

You can click the “Battery” icon to enter the details of the consumption and its status. Then, by clicking the “Battery Usage” icon, a percentage of the maximum battery capacity will be displayed compared to its status at the time of purchase.

In addition, in the “Battery Status” section, you can see a message telling you if the battery is healthy or requires analysis from an authorized Apple service center.

If your iPhone can not be upgraded to iOS 11.3 and either have a model older than the iPhone 6, you should use the App. There are some apps that can be downloaded from the iOS App Store, but we suggest you use the “Coconut Battery” for the MacBook. Initially, this app must be installed on the MacBook, and after you connect the iPhone to it, you can analyze the battery status as in the iPhone OS versions 11.3 and above.

For those who do not have a MacBook, the best app for iOS is “Battery Life“. The steps are very close to the original Apple system.

Battery Life
Battery Life
Developer: RBT Digital LLC
Price: Free+
  • Battery Life Screenshot
  • Battery Life Screenshot

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So, above in this article we have shared some tips on how to check if the battery of your smartphone needs to be replaced.Hope you find this post useful.Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below,follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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