Here is where and how much you can buy a Facebook password or Instagram
Here is where and how much you can buy a Facebook password or Instagram

Hacked accounts of Facebook people, including username and password, are being sold on the black market for just $3.9. The rumor is reported by the British Daily Mail. The Prestige quotes a shocking China-based company, “Money Guru”.

Prices are also reported to vary based on social networks. For example, Reddit passwords start at $2.9, Instagram from $6.30. While Pinterest from $8.48, Twitter from $3.26. Hotmail passwords of $3 and Gmail of $ 3.26.

According to a report released by British media, the best way to protect accounts and passwords is the use of multiple verification. The rumor comes just days after Facebook discovered that the accounts of 50 million users, including owners and senior executives such as Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, have been compromised by a bug in the security system.

According to Money Guru, Facebook accounts and passwords often steal to sell to companies. They want them to target them in advertisements.

The researchers analyzed accounts sold on the black market online. The most famous of them are “Dream Market”, but also in “Wall St Market” and “Berlusconi Market”

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