iPhone 12 Render

Svelteapple says this is at least 80% accurate to what we will see in September

While the information about the iPhone 12 continues to flow, we are all curious to know what it will look like and with this work the designers are busy bringing supposed product renderings. The next order comes from Sveteapple.

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Flat sides, a smaller notch and thinner body. Details that will confuse you to get the iPhone SE 2020 for only $399 or save some more until the 12th comes out.

Rounded sides were removed to the iPad Pro of 2020 suggesting that this will result in other products, with a look like that of the 5th generation, pretty futuristic. The materials used seem to be the same of the last generation, the steel on the side and the textured glass on the back. In terms of color options we’ve heard that Apple is working on a Dark Blue version but nothing else is known. Assumed for a Green Olive, White and Gray version as well.

Notch has had numerous reports of a downgrade and this is also introduced in these renders.

Another big change has to do with the camera bump on the back, where the more Pro version of the line will have an extra LIDAR camera bringing the total of sensors to 4.

Svelteapple says this is at least 80% accurate to what we will see in September. And after using the same aesthetics for 3 years since the iPhone X, such a change is more than welcome.

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