Ridesharing Accident

The world of transportation has been revolutionized by the presence of rideshare companies. They have paved the way for a better experience, higher quality, and finer service. Such companies depend on technology where customers download an app that shows the available rideshare drivers nearby. After specifying the destination, people get connected with a driver to start the trip. 

While such companies offer a more economical and safer option in transportation than with regular taxis, rideshare cars are prone to accidents. At the end of the day, they are cars driven by normal people. When you are involved in a rideshare accident, it is vital to determine who is at fault for you to take the necessary compensation. This article will explore how to know who is held accountable for ridesharing accidents.

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Know the Parties Involved

Being in a rideshare accident is like any car accident happening on the road. There are several areas to consider, on top of which are the parties involved. This is an issue that could be found confusing, but those parties can include the rideshare drivers, rideshare companies, third-party drivers, and sometimes the rideshare passengers. Eventually, determining the at-fault party greatly depends on the conditions and circumstances that surrounded the accident.

Check for Insurance

Typically, rideshare drivers are not always the official employees of a rideshare company as they use their own vehicles for trips. Rideshare companies use car drivers as independent contractors. They are just provided with the programs and software platforms, which connect them with the passengers. So trying to reclaim or sue directly to the company for liability may not be a good idea.

On the other hand, ridesharing companies necessitate that drivers have insurance coverage on their cars. Knowing about the ridesharing insurance provided by the company can help in case of accidents. The coverage will make sure that casualties of any level are answered. This is why this info is vital whether the rideshare company itself provides the insurance or it’s that of the driver.

Hire Trusted Lawyers

Taking legal action when it comes to accidents is always advisable. The thorough process and close inspection of details can help you a great deal. According to an expert team of reputable lawyers at https://www.brookslawgroup.com/tampa/car-accident-lawyer/uber-lyft-accidents/, hiring attorneys can aid you during the investigation of the accident circumstances to specify if only the rideshare driver or the driver and the company are responsible to you money-wise. They can also inspect the insurance coverage types available. This will help estimate the total amount of your losses and build a solid case.

Notice Any Traffic Violations Committed

The optimal way to decide who is at fault in a ridesharing accident is during the time it occurred at. In case the police turn up soon and somebody, whether the ridesharing driver or third-party driver got issued a ticket for a traffic violation, they will expectedly be at fault. If the police do not arrive on time, closely judging for moving violations will be your way to go until they do. Violations of traffic law can include speeding, driver’s negligence, not stopping for pedestrians, running a red light, not signaling before turning, invalid driver’s license, and crossing the median, among other causes. This can help your case and reclaim your rights.

Gather Evidence

While waiting for the authorities to arrive, it is better to invest time in collecting information and evidence from the scene. Remember that this will highly support the claim of the affected party and offer considerable compensation needed. Besides, insurance companies are not likely to pay for casualty unless a detailed police report is conducted and submitted. So, use the scene around you to get as much info as possible such as the plate number, ID, and mobile number of the rideshare driver and the third-party driver if there is one. You can use the mobile phone for taking pictures of the damages, especially ones inflicted on you. Besides, getting the contact info of any witnesses to the accident may be useful in verifying the soundness of the insurance claim you are going to file.

With the usage of ridesharing apps becoming on the rise, it can be expected to have unfortunate accidents. Ridesharing is mainly invented to facilitate transportation from one place to another without worrying over driving and parking. Due to traffic violations a rideshare driver or third-party driver may commit, accidents happen. Determining who is at fault is the most important step to take to get appropriate compensation. With the previous guide, you can learn more about what factors to consider while specifying the faulty.

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