If you want to combine the convenience of getting to your destination faster, without too much sweat and fluster of an electric bike with the benefits of exercising and burning calories, there are several tips which can help you do it better and easier.

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1. Get a pedelec e-bike

There are various types of motor assisted bikes on the market. Some have throttle but most require pedaling in order to get the battery and motor started. With a pedelec electric bike, you will have the advantage of using the motor when you need it, but you will still need to do some pedaling to ride.

The more effort you put into pedaling, the more calories you will burn, and the faster you will lose weight and get into shape.

2. Pedal more and use the motor less

If you want to get the most exercise from your electric bike, you will need to put in more effort. Try to ride by relying on the pedals as much as you can while riding and you will see your weight drop faster. It is a good idea to plan your commute, trip or ride in a way that allows you to reach your destination in time, and yet get a good workout as well. You can, for example, use your electric bike for commuting to work and getting there with motor assistance faster and without sweating too much. Then after the working hours are over, you can choose to pedal back home, so that you can release the stress, get your daily workout and come home feeling energized from the endorphins released during physical exercise.

Most pedelec electric bikes have an option to switch off the motor completely, so you can do that whenever you feel like you need a good low impact and yet vigorous exercise. An electric bike is usually quite heavier than a regular one due to the sturdier and heavier frame, so you will be burning more calories than when riding a normal bike if you choose to turn the motor off and use your legs and feet instead.

3. Ride more

Once you start riding an electric bike, you will find that you want to ride more and travel further. This is due to the pure joy of traveling faster, getting to enjoy the view and getting further without feeling exhausted. By riding your e-bike more often and at longer distances, you will get to exercise more. Not only will you be pedaling more, but you will be balancing and steering which are excellent exercises for your upper body and your core

4. Ditch the car and hop on the e-bike

If you want to be more active but don’t have the time or the motivation to go running or go to the gym, you can get your recommended daily physical activity by leaving your car in the driveway and getting on the electric bike instead. You can use your electric bike for commuting, for running errands or for visiting friends. Every time you choose to ride the electric bike rather than drive you will be burning calories. Plus, you will be saving money for gas, and also helping the environment and helping resolve the traffic jam issues in your city or area as well.

5. Plan trips with your electric bike

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular not only for local trips and adventures but more people are choosing to use e-bikes when they go traveling abroad as well. With an electric bike, you get the freedom to get to any place without relying on public transport or taxis. You can stop and enjoy the view wherever you choose and can travel for as long as you want with an electric bike. This will not only make your traveling experience much better and more enjoyable, but it will help you burn calories and get fit as well.

6. Join a local riding club or group

Chances are there are cycling and riding clubs and groups in your area. If there aren’t why not organize one with your friends and neighbors? You will feel more motivated to ride more and to make longer trips if you are in the company of other riders. This means that you will be making new friends, socializing more, and at the same time burning more calories as you go.

7. Get your family engaged

Why not take your partner, your children or your dog riding with you? You will be spending more family time and enjoying spending hours outdoors with your close ones, and you will be burning calories and also promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle for your family as well.

8. Eat a balanced diet

If you want to see an effect from riding an e-bike, you will need to balance your daily diet as well. In order to lose weight, you need to intake fewer calories than you burn. If you are not a fan of counting every calorie you eat, you can easily make some adjustments to your diet which will lower their count without too much effort. Try replacing sugary drinks and snacks with fresh or dry fruits. Also, instead of eating white bread and rice, eat full grain bread and brown rice instead. If you limit the intake of sugars, the sodas, the white bread, and processed foods, and you stay active by riding your e-bike as often as you can, you will quickly notice the difference in your weight, overall wellbeing and in your mood.

As you can see, an electric bike is not simply another motorized vehicle which will get you from point A to point B faster, but it is also a fun and highly efficient way to increase your daily physical exercise, burn calories, improve your health and reduce the serious health risks which result from leading a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight.

So, hop on that electric bike, and enjoy the wonderful transformation ahead of you! You will feel much better, much fitter and much more confident once you become a regular e-bike rider.


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