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One of the big secrets of effective money management practices within a company is tracking benefits provided and how it gets used! It might seem like too much of discipline at times. But it enables you to understand the employee behavior towards the benefits you’ve allowed them. Do you want your employees to make responsible use of fuel? If yes, you should opt-in for the advanced fuel and fleet maintenance cards.

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Understanding fuel and fleet cards

The fuel and fleet consumption and maintenance cards get used for maintaining the company cards. It also helps the businesses to regulate their fleet expenses. This card is apt for companies that make use of two and more cars. Also, if your company use sums up between 1,000 and 5,000 gallons every month, this card can do wonders for you. Sometimes, companies say yes to these cards so that their employees can get attractive discounts on all the vehicle-related buys. To know more about this, you can read more on the Speedway fuel card.

The discounts you enjoy

There are more industry verticals other than construction that reaps the advantages of fuel and fleet cards. The card gets connected to a vast network of authorized fuel merchants. It provides the drivers to use this card in various acceptance stations. Furthermore, they also have the scope to bargain for the volume savings on monthly costs. Several fleet cards provide extra company advantages, like 24×7 roadside emergency help program that makes sure that the drivers get adequate assistance.

Factors that you need to consider

Do you want to enroll for a fuel and fleet card for your employees? If yes, you need to make the correct decision. For that, it’s essential to consider all your unique requirements. Some of the crucial factors to consider are:

  • The total vehicle count of your fleet
  • Your need for diesel fuel
  • Understanding whether your business is local, nation or state-wide
  • Your maintenance and repair tracking requirements
  • Addressing any concerns, if any related to theft
  • Understand the significance of non-fuel buys for your drivers

Once you assess all these questions, you will know the best company to join hands with. However, it is also essential to let your employees know the way to use fuel and fleet cards.

The card operation guide

You can use your fuel and fleet card in the following ways:

  • You need to be there at a petrol filling station that falls within the stipulated network
  • Get your vehicle fuelled with the required fuel amount
  • Provide your fuel and fleet card with the points accumulated
  • You will need to provide a pin code
  • If you want you can record the mileage
  • You will have to swipe the card to make your payment
  • The moment the payment gets validated you will have to sign the transaction bill
  • You get a receipt

It is essential for a fuel and fleet card service provider to explain these steps to your employees so that they use the card correctly. When you are selecting a company, you can keep all these pointers in mind.


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