Create email lists in Gmail

If you continually send emails to a group of people, you may be able to reduce wasted time by searching for their contacts and creating email lists in Gmail. All the contacts you view and access in Gmail are managed by a separate application called Google Contacts. To create a contact list that you can use in Gmail you need to visit the Google Contacts web app.

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Step 1. Create mailing lists using Google Contacts

  • Open the browser and go to the Google Contacts website.
  • Once the page opens, go to the contact you want to add to the email list and click on the box next to it. Repeat this action with every contact you want to list.
  • Make sure all contacts have an email included otherwise it will not appear in the list later.
  • Once you have selected all contacts, click on the Label icon and then the Create Label button.

  • Enter a name for this list to remember more easily and click Save to create a contact list.
  • To add additional contacts to an existing list click the Label icon and select the list you want to place the contact in and then the Apply button.

Step 2. Send emails using a list in Gmail

  • Now that you have a list created and with contacts go to your Gmail inbox to email a group of contacts.
  • Once the page opens, send the cursor over the “+” button and the Compose text.

  • From the New Message window, type the name of the list of contacts you have accumulated and click on the suggestion that will appear.
  • Once you have selected the list, fill in the email you want to send and press the Send button to send it to everyone in the list.

The Gmail account allows you to send up to 500 emails a day. If you exceed this limit within 24 hours you will receive error messages that you have exceeded the limit.

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