How to fax from Mac Computer ?

Are you looking for an affordable (or free) option to send a fax from your Mac device? If yes then this article is going to help you a lot. It covers everything you need to know about sending free fax from mac devices. The best part is that it does not even require you to connect a fax machine with it.


Yes, you read it right. The method that we will discuss in this article is entirely web-based and does not require a landline connection or a fax machine. It includes an online fax service that sends fax documents digitally.


All the mac devices support online fax services and offer an easy way to manage your fax documents. But the main question is- Are these applications safe for mac devices? Let’s find out.


Is It Safe To Use Online Fax Services?


People prefer fax over other methods to send documents because of security reasons. It ensures that no one other than the receiver can read or check the paper. However, you would love to know that online fax services work exactly the same.


All the faxes sent over the fax services are encrypted to keep the files confidential. Additionally, these platforms are HIPAA compliant and safely deliver your documents at the right fax number. Hence, you can trust them and stop worrying about the secrecy of your business data. You can also check their privacy policy to understand how they work and handle your data.





CocoFax is the leading application to send a fax from mac devices. It uses FoIP ( Fax over internet protocol) technology to help you manage your faxes online. This application is preferred by users who do not have access to a landline connection or a fax machine.


After registering on this website, you get a free fax number to send and receive as many faxes as you want. Additionally, you can use it to send a fax from an email to a fax machine. Hence. There is no need to use different platforms to connect with your contacts.


Users can connect their google drive with this account and send a fax directly from it. Additionally, all the incoming faxes are saved on CocoFax’s cloud storage and in Google drive as well. 


The accessibility of this platform is the main reason behind its increasing popularity. You can log in to your account on CocoFax’s website or download their application on any operating system. The mac application of this platform works great and offers a direct way to send and receive mails online.


Best Method to Fax From Mac Computer For Free


Connecting a printer or fax machine is a lot of work for sending a single fax document. Hence, here is an easy way to send those documents with three easy steps:



  • Install And Register


Install the CocoFax application on your Mac device and register for a free account. You can enter your email address and create a password for your new account. Additionally, you can choose whether you want to use your existing or a new fax number. You can do all of this, even without installing the application.


Access the website on any web browser and perform the same step.


  • Upload the Document


Click on “ Upload Document” to attach the fax that you want to send. You can also use the other options to upload a document from your google drive or cloud storage. Wait for the uploading to complete and verify if the document is properly uploaded.


  • Enter The recipient’ Fax Number


The last step is to enter the recipient’s fax number. You can also choose them from your contact list or send them directly to their email address. All these options are available on the Mac application. After choosing the recipient, click on the Send button.


You will get a delivery report as soon as your fax is sent and delivered to the person.


Advantages of using Online Fax Service


Here are some of the advantages of using this fax service:


Free Fax Number: Most of the online fax services does not offer a fax number. However, you can get a new fax number on this platform to send and receive faxes. Additionally, you can use your existing fax number to avoid starting over on this platform.


Delivery Reports: You no longer need to wonder whether the person has seen your fax or not. It offers delivery tracking to help you understand the location of your fax. Additionally, you can get a delivery report on your registered email and mobile number as soon as they receive it.


High Security: The application offers high security of your fax documents. It is GDPR, HIPAA, and PHIPA compliance for the confidentiality of the documents. 


Cloud Storage: You can store the received documents on the cloud storage of this platform. Every account has some storage to keep your papers for quick access and sharing. There is no additional cost to use this storage.


Works With Mac: It is one of the few fax applications that support mac devices. The application works great and makes it much easier to manage your fax documents without a fax machine.


Final Words


Many online fax services help in sending a fax from a Mac device. However, choosing the right application is a challenging task. You need to consider the reliability, affordability, and effectiveness of the platform. CocoFax is one such application that delivers excellent results with attractive plans.


The biggest advantage of using this platform is its security compliance. All the faxes are encrypted with the latest technology to make sure no one can read those papers. That is the reason why professional trust this application with their confidential data.


It is equipped with some advanced features that improve the user experience. Uploading and sending a document is much easier on this platform. With less than three clicks, you can upload and send the document to any fax number.


Hence, you are looking for a fax service for mac devices, you must check out this application. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to help you try this application without any worries.

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