Improving your swings takes a life-long dedication and a strong start. Since it is all a game of strategy and golf is not the worst game here. Want to be good at golfing, learn everything else golf to the bit of the bits. If you are expecting a better swing, learn the game. If you are willing for a better shot, learn the ground, atmosphere, your club and your ball. Do both if you like. But on the other side of improving your swing, here are several strategies that work well.

Well, they indeed work very well.

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Maintain your posture:

This is the first and foremost point for a great swing. Since your body posture while you are holding the club is what determines the right hit for the ball to go straight. One inch of error and the swing is destroyed. And there goes your hard work to waste. Thus to stabilize and turn your swings into spectacular records, be stable and have a posture to the right. Practice out your posture for 10-15 times to land 70% accuracy and then only go for the hit.

Keep your focal to the nearest of the flag:

You can never do a good hit in the first time and that is actually impossible at least for the long range shots above 100 yards. This is a rather improvement point to just hope for a near throw and then you can bounce the ball to the hole with no hardness. Thus, to achieve a better swing, aim for all the near points of the flag. This makes your point to point connection to the probability hit more accurate and generates a better swing that is actually achievable.

Position yourself with the line in the flag:

Stay behind the ball to the line. Then you should look down the fairway at your target and aim the shot. Don’t hit it yet. Practice your swings randomly and see which gives you a better and nearer corner shot. Take it and see how it goes. Such shots are more easily addressed for the long range yard holes and can do a lot of good scoring with the full strategy at point. Never go for the hole directly.

Know when to perform your swing:

Swinging is not just hitting the ball with all the force that you can possibly hit. That will be more of a random shot rather than a possible strike even near to the flag. Avoid such shots; they only make your game look worse and laughable. Long range shots can actually benefit with these, but it is rather a false hit. It’s better to follow strategy and know when to take a swing to the ground. Learn your swings, by repeatedly practicing them on the ball virtually without hitting the ball. Hit only when you think is the right time to hit keeping an eye on the flag and its elevated position. That’s how you can improve your swing. To learn more you should follow the expert players like Zachary Creed and others. Zack Creed has spent his career in various teaching and management positions such as head pro and golf director.


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