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Facebook will pay its users to send them voice messages

By 2019 Facebook had angered users after it was discovered that it was paying companies to listen to conversations that included audio of Messenger users. The ultimate goal was to improve voice recognition technology. The company aspires to achieve this goal this time, but with the approval of users, offering a financial incentive.

Specifically, Facebook launches its new Pronounciations program through its app, Viewpoints. This will make you send audio messages. Specifically, you need to register the phrase “Hey Portal” followed by a friend’s name from your Facebook friends list. You will be able to do this with the names of up to 10 of your friends and you will need to record each phrase twice.

However, Facebook will not charge a significant amount for your subscriptions. If you complete a set of registrations, you will receive 200 points on request. You’ll finally have to reach the 1,000 points that translate into a $5 reward through PayPal.

Facebook notes that voice recordings provided by users will not be linked to their Facebook profile, and the company is committed not to associate it with Facebook Viewpoints user activity or other Facebook-owned services, without permission.

The Pronounciations program will initially be available in the US and will target only Facebook users over the age of 18 who have more than 75 friends on social media.

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