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How to play GTA Online with Epic Games Store players

GTA Online PC players have expanded a lot, especially since Epic Games gave the game for free on May 21st. If you want to know how you can play with your friends who have the Steam or Rockstar version of it, here’s how to.

The answer is quite simple in fact. It works as it does with any game. Just add a player as a friend to GTA Online and they will get this request in the game. It doesn’t matter if they are Steam or Rockstar.

If you want to go one step further then, you can add them as friends through Rockstar Social Club and create your own band. This will allow you to start personal sessions where you can roam the virtual streets of Los Santos completely alone, without being interrupted by other players.

  1. Log in to GTA Online
  2. Go to the ‘Friends’ tab in the GTA Online menu
  3. Choose “Add Friend
  4. Wait for them to accept your request
  5. Invite your friends to a new game session

If you want, you can explore Los Santos only then, but having some people with you will make things much easier for you.

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