How to protect your phone from high temperatures

Health care during the hot summer days is very important. Many of us are looking forward to these days, but if you’ve noticed, your phone is getting hot and this can be damaging.

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But there are several ways you can save electronic devices from heat.

How to protect your phone from high temperatures

It is best not to expose it to the sun, trying to keep it in the shade or leave it in your purse.

Do not remove the protective case from the phone. It isolates it from heat and lowers some degrees Celsius.

Do not open Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi if you do not need them.

It would be even better if you put it in “airplane mode”, as it will keep the phone even cooler.

If you see that the phone is getting hot a little, turn it off immediately and let it cool.

In the hot summer days, forget about games or “Google Maps”.

Do not forget the electronics in the car. Even though it is not in the sun, the cars can be heated up too quickly. Now, as soon as you park your car, take the electronic devices with you.

Do not place a charge if the phone is hot. Even if it is in “airplane mode” or off, charging exacerbates the phone. And the solution of all is to buy a mini-fresco for the phones that is placed in the charging section.

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