How to train properly

Engaging in sports and at the same time maintain your body with special drugs should be competently. In general, the training process with steroids does not differ fundamentally from training without steroids. But, as in every rule, there are exceptions. In our case, we will talk about the features of such training.

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There are different training programs – for beginners and those who have been “spinning” in the sports environment for many years. You can talk about these points with specialists. The purpose of our article is to focus on the general conditions of training with drugs and dianabol 20 for sale in UK.

So, to achieve excellent results, you need:

Allocate enough time for rest.

Specialists say that when using steroids, you need to train harder. But this does not mean that it is necessary to overload yourself. It is optimal to load one muscle group once in 4-7 days. This can be done by creating a triple split workout. In other words, it is necessary to distribute the muscle groups into 3 parts and to train each of them on a certain day. In this case, it is essential to conduct training processes with a pause in the day between them. And, of course, do not forget about healthy polyphase sleep, which lasts up to 10 hours.

To organize sets and repetitions.

The sum of sets and repetitions is strikingly different from the usual mode:

–  two to three exercises per muscle group;

–  three to four sets per exercise;

–  six to eight repetitions.

Observe the duration of training.

The best duration is from one to two hours.

Warm up.

Preparations in times increase the strength indexes for a short period. At the same time, the strength of tendons and cartilages does not change. There are risks of injury due to this. This is the reason why you should never forget to warm up. Remember that if you get hurt, you won’t be able to train properly. As a result, all efforts and taking medication will not give any result.

Carry out training with high intensity.

When using steroids it is very important to start training at a medium intensity, which is your usual training. Then you should increase the intensity of your workout. Every time you start a workout, you have to work on a heavier scale. As a result, you will get strong stimulation of your muscles and it will help them to grow rapidly.

You should not initially increase the load sharply. This is fraught with the fact that in the future there will be not enough opportunities for growth. In addition, it is very important for your health. It is optimal to gradually increase the weight from the beginning of the cycle to its end by 30%.

Features of training after taking steroids

When you have finished taking your medication, it is important to introduce preventive measures at this time. Otherwise, all results will be lost within 30 days.

When you stop taking medication, you should gradually reduce the training intensity. The intensity is primarily understood as the number and weight of exercises and the duration of the training process. Specialists advise to reduce training to half an hour. Remember the rule: the higher the intensity, the more muscles are loaded.

As a result, 2 weeks after the cycle, you should not feel tired after training. Otherwise, your muscles will collapse due to catabolic processes. Simultaneously with the reduction of training loads, you should try to save as much exercise weight as possible and reduce the number of repetitions. You should also rest more between approaches. It is not necessary to use training with a large number of repetitions, it can also lead to the development of catabolic processes.

One month after the cycle, you should increase the load up to 80%. After 2 weeks, up to 100%. Subsequently, it is important to train according to the previous program with which you started training.

So, we found out that training with the combination of steroid intake has its own peculiarities. Remember about rest, duration of training processes and repetitive exercises.


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