How true is Google knowing everything about us ?! Learn it now
How true is Google knowing everything about us ?! Learn it now

The University of Vanderbilt gives an accurate look at how much data collects Google from its users.

Researchers reviewed how the search giant collects information from Android mobile devices, Chrome browsers, YouTube and Photos, among other Google products.

But the most bizarre discovery, discovered by the survey is likely google to continue to collect data even when users are browsing incognito mode.

Google collects data in “active” ways, such as when users enter an application, and “passive” ways that users are less likely to be aware of.

In this scenario, an app is designed to collect user information when it is at work, sometimes without the user’s knowledge.

“The scale and size of Google’s passive data collection is largely driven by past studies on this topic,” according to the study, which was published on Tuesday.

Most people assume that their browsing history is hidden by Google when using private browsers. However, the study explains that Google can still link data from a secret browser to a particular user.

This is because if a user enters a Google Account while a private browser is open, the “cookies” left behind in the hidden window can identify them.

If you close the incognito window before entering a Google account, then the data will be deleted.

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