Huawei Records the new Operating System for Smartphones
Huawei Records the new Operating System for Smartphones

Huawei is reported that is near the registration and licensing of the new operating system called “Hongmeng” in Peru. This move by giant technology comes at a time when it faces American sanctions that ban the use of company technology like Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm and Google.

Last Month, Google decided to discontinue Android updates to its company. Huawei phones are currently working on a Google Android version and the company has said there are no immediate plans to launch the Hongmeng operating system.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Huawei had started inviting developers to publish their apps in the App Gallery store. A trademark application for Hongmeng was made at the National Institute for the Protection of Free Competition and Intellectual Property, according to Reuters news agency.

On the other hand, Google has warned the Trump administration and Huawei’s blockade puts at risk American national security. While Huawei said it takes more time to become the world’s largest smartphone maker. Yesterday, it was said that Huawei has postponed the debut of the new laptop.

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