What's hidden inside the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Samsung Galaxy Fold will not arrive to customers before April 26 but if you have been eager to see what’s hidden inside the phone then this is the moment.

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The photos have been published on the Chinese social network Weibo while they are currently deleted. What should not surprise you is that you need lots of pieces to build a foldable screen phone.

They are mounted in a way that is difficult to repair however we should not forget it is the first generation of a product.

These pictures are the clearest of what this phone does to “sing.” However, we expect more phone dismountations in the coming days.

The axle is at the heart of Galaxy Fold and helps the 7.3-inch screen fold as well as keep it safe. It is fixed with three points that keep it safe from damage and breakage.

Some photos show two cables that go through the shaft and are most likely set to send power to two screens and maybe to the second battery of the phone when charging.

Moreover, we leave to your imagination what is hidden in Samsung‘s intentions with all those parts.

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