Instagram is testing design changes to user profiles

Instagram‘s design has evolved over the years, and as expected by most developers, changes are constantly being made to help improve the look and feel of the app. In fact, in a post by Instagram, the company has confirmed that they are testing some changes to the user profile page, where they will relocate some of the UI elements.

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According to Instagram, “Over the next few weeks, you can see the features reorganized at the top of your profile, including changes to icons, buttons, and navigation mode between the sectors, which we hope to make the profiles easier and more clean to use. The photos and videos you share on your network will not change. “

The company added that these are tests and that what you see in the above images may not necessarily be the ultimate product as they will experience different combinations to see what’s best.

“We have worked on these changes and will test them in different phases and combinations with our community over the next few weeks. We will continue to experiment and update the experience as we learn from your feedback. “

It is unclear whether any of these changes will apply but if you are an Instagram user, do not be surprised if your profile page is a bit different from what you have been using so far.

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