Instagram now features video conversations with up to six people

One of the features that Instagram introduced earlier this year was the ability to make video calls with your friends. It’s a strange feature, because Instagram is more known as a platform for sharing photos and videos and not talking, much less in video chat, but the feature is there for those who want to use it, writes Ubergizmo.

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This feature has also supported up to four users at the same time, but it seems that Instagram has quietly updated the function that will now support up to six users at the same time, in a call, refer the Telegraph.

The news comes from the Instagram help website, which states that users will be able to develop video chat with up to six people at the same time. The video chat function will be the same as before, so there is no change in functionality, but it will now support more people at the same time.

It seems strange that Instagram is offering video calling in their app, as it’s not necessarily a call-to-call app.

In fact WhatsApp (also owned by Facebook) also supports group video calls, so it might be a good option if you do not use Instagram.

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