Instagram Stories are updated with new features
Instagram Stories are updated with new features

Instagram has updated the story features several times since it was launched, with every new update bringing more tools and functionality. If you are an ardent user of stories, then you may be interested to learn that Instagram has released a new update, featuring more features.

One of the new features introduced in Stories comes in the form of music, where users can now answer questions with songs from the music library at Instagram. For example, you can ask your followers for song recommendations and they can reply directly to songs instead of writing it.

Regarding the questions, if you are arranging an Instagram Live session, you will be able to use the query feature so that those who are connected to your live session can ask questions and then they can ‘find those questions in the Question and Answer section instead of scrolling through all the comments.

Last but not least, Instagram is adding the ability to calculate the time until a certain moment. These features should already be available, so make sure you have the latest version of Instagram if you want to use them.

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