There are so many things that are involved in roof repair. Many of them are difficult to gauge unless you talk to experts. And it is this feeling of being involved in countless small and big things, which makes many people go on and on with their current roof problems. If you are also one of them and are compromising your life’s security and comfort every day with a roof which look, some repair, or reinstallation, then now is the time you understand the risk of continuing this way. If you know the risks, then you would certainly get inclined to invite a roofing expert to your place, get the roof inspected, and get a quote soon.

Risks of living with a damaged roof

A damaged roof is called damaged for many reasons. One or the other reason will be applicable for your while others won’t. Therefore what kind of damage, what extent of that damage and many such things are to be evaluated. Talking of damage, there are some issues which are commonly seen. The obvious signs of damage are discussed here.

Cracks in the roof due to weather

Some roofing materials are susceptible to cracking. There are wood, asphalt, and tiles. They all crack with time, aging and weather. Wood naturally crack after some years as it ages. Asphalt and tiles crack too with extreme sun’s heat and rapid drying and wetting due to weather conditions. Other problems like hail storms, snow, etc. also cause them to absorb impact and crack. If the cracks get wider and split open the shingles, then the protected layer of roof underneath will automatically get the weather impact and soon develop cracks. Water can directly seep through or gradually spread damp inside and create wet spots.

Cracks due to aging

Look for cracks in shingles after a time period. Every roofing material has a lifetime. Some have a longer life while some have a moderate to short life span. When this life gets to an end, then you should start checking for signs of damage. Cracks are visible signs of damage to shingles which are visible on close inspection. If you believe you cannot understand it well, then you can call an expert from reliable services like Alignment roof repair St Louis. A roofing expert will guide you the right way, tell you how much life the roof still has, how much of it is damaged if it needs any immediate repair, and what are the expected problems you may get from the current status.

When shingles lose their granules in huge quantities?

Granules in shingles have a purpose. Granules protect the felt matting layer under the shingles from damage. Also, granules make shingles fire resistant and add weight to them. Granules also add to looks and color of the shingles. Some granules are lost with time, and this is natural and common. But if your shingles are losing their granules too fast, or totally all in patches, then it’s a significant indication of damage. In that case, the felt matting beneath the shingles will absorb the weather and water and will soon develop larger leaks into the building.

Damage due to rough weather

Rough weather like extremely harsh storms, a hail storm, or just heavy hail fall, and also rough winds can damage roofs seriously. Shingles may crack, get displaced and expose the felt matting layer, and shingles may break or get carried away by wind too in extreme cycles and tornadoes. If you see such damages, then you have no time to think actually. The first thing you should do is call for a roof restoration expert and get things checked and repaired as soon as possible. In such cases, you would also get your insurance company to pay for the repairs. And expert roof restoration and installation services also can help you fetch the payment from your insurance company through their complete guidance and paperwork.

Why roofs get damaged

Roofs get damaged for numerous reasons. Weather is one of the prime reasons surely. But there are other reasons as well. Negligence and low maintenance is another big reason for damage. If you are not maintaining your roof well, then you surely will not reap the most out of your roof installation investment. Timely care, a little cleaning, watching for signs of damage are the things a roof needs. Though a low maintenance roof sounds great, and in this busy lifestyle everyone seeks for low maintenance things, yet you need to watch out a little from time to time.

Near the gutters, near drains, and at the corners of a roof, where it may accumulate some water, if you do not frequently check for signs of moss and algae growth, then from the continued touch of water in the monsoon moss may grow. And if once moss or molds catches the surface, then it will soak and retain more water. And this surely will bring on water damage to those parts of the roof.

Sometimes piles of leaves, loose soil, and dirt, or leftover pieces of items brought for shelter and nesting by birds, etc. can settle as a mess at parts of the roof. These small messy lumps may retain water and attract insect infestations. You must watch out for them too. If you see any such heap of leaf, soil lump, twigs, and small items in a small heap somewhere, then do poke inside, break the lump, and clean off that mess before it invites in elements for damage.


These are simple small steps of maintenance every property owner can do on their own or with little professional assistance. That’s all about caring for the roof; the main part of the property which protects it from the weather. A close watch, time to time inspection on your own, and getting things inspected once in five to ten years would keep things under control and will save you and the property from severe damages.


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