iPhone 12 Render

Although the next iPhone will hit the market in fall, there are already images of what it might look like

If the information released is correct, Apple will take a few steps back in designing the next generation of iPhone. Rumors are growing that the iPhone 12 is based on the angular model of the iPhone 5, which was introduced 8 years ago.

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Accordingly, the iPhone 12 should have flat edges with stainless steel and rounded corners. Apparently, Apple is also saying goodbye to a screen that is slightly rounded at the edges. The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen diagonal seems to increase from 6.5 to 6.7 inches. The device is said to be slightly wider. The screen itself should now also have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

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The spring period is usually the hottest area where leaks and predictions for the next iPhone become more accurate. This is because June is officially the month where their mass production begins, but also the physical details are distributed to the production companies of the protective cases, so according to new info, here is what the iPhone 12 Pro Max will look like from next week.

It is believed that this generation will be different from the others as the sides of the apartments will be flat and not arched as before, more or less like the version of iPhone 5 and 4, aesthetics also introduced to the new iPad.

The screen will be 6.7-inch OLED but overall the smartphone will be wider and longer. Meanwhile, the screen frame will be much thinner up to 40% on all four sides, which would be a real beauty to see.

As for the camera set, the new LIDAR sensor will certainly take fourth place in a bump that will stay the same in size especially in terms of thickness, but considering that the body itself will be thinner it remains to be seen how it will look. Sensor diameters are expected to be larger which invites allusions to hardware improvements, super!

Changes will also come to the front of the screen, where the camera footprint and FaceID sensors will be different in design but also smaller. The antenna lines on the side are expected to be wider and closer, as needed for 5G. 

A strange change has to do with the SIM card slot, which has an immigrant on the other side. Where the SIM was, a Smart Connector trail is suspected. Aspect has been discussed for years but has never seen sunlight.

In total there will be 4 versions and it is expected to be launched sometime by the end of 2020.

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