iPhone X Plus is under preparation, hackers discover photos of the new model

The new Apple iPhone line is underway and all the reports so far have shown that among the three new iPhone will be a big 6.5-inch model.

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Thanks to a breakdown of data via the Apple iHelpBR Brazilian blog, the 6.5-inch model seems to be confirmed with a giant phone that looks like a lot like an iPad when it comes to displaying content in the app, writes BGR.

The announcement comes from a discovery made by iHelpBR during testing of the fifth version of iOS 12 for developers. By forcing the Xcode iOS Simulator to run this latest version of iOS 12 in the highly rumored iPhone 6,6-inch resolution – 2,688 x 1,242 – landscape modules and application interfaces were suddenly opened. According to iHelpBR, this means that Apple is working on an even bigger iPhone.

News from hackers shows that Apple is planning on screens bigger than the ones installed on iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus last year.

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