Is Your Website Server Location Important? YES, that's Why!

Website Server Location: 4 Top Reasons for Location

Yes, the location of the server is important if you want to make sure the website works well, to maximize SEO, and provide the user with a great navigation experience. These are the reasons why. You have assessed the differences between host types: shared hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated server. Your team and you have worked hard to find the perfect domain name and the right suffix. You know what you are looking for from website hosting companies and you are ready to contact the right company for your web site. One thing you may have forgotten?

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Is Your Website Server Location Important? YES, that’s Why!

Server location.

But is there any big difference between the geographical location of the server where your website host will be hosted? In a word: YES.

Read below to learn why Your Website Server Location is Important.

#1. Loading speed of the page

The closer you are to the visitors who access your website, the server where the site is located, the faster your website will open for them. About 50% of consumers say the website should be fully loaded within two seconds. If your site is slow you risk losing many potential customers.

Remember, the data from your site should go to visitors. The shortest distance they have to travel, the better it will be.

#2. Website Safety

Over 30,000 websites are hacked every day.

We know you do not want your website to be one of them. This is another reason why your server’s location is so important. Be sure to choose a server that is secure, both physically and digitally. You must protect the privacy of your data. Be sure to look for as many security elements as you discuss the location of the physical server with the company that chooses to host your web site. Ask about energy backups and how the company treats security incidents.

Even if your website faces a security issue, a nearby server helps you get the right assistance faster.

#3. Results of search engines

About 75% of consumers say they only look at the first page of search results.

That is why it is so important to consider how your server’s location may affect your overall SEO score. If your site is slow to load, people will not click it. As a result search engines will lower the rank of your site. Remember, many search engines give priority to local results.

A server in the same area as most of your site visitors helps you rank better than competitors.

#4. Adequacy and pricing

Working with local hosting companies or companies that have physical servers in your country – is appropriate for your company. You make payments in your local currency. Get assistance by local time and rate. These allow you to save money in this process.

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Obtain the right server location

Hopefully, this post made it clear that your site’s location does not just matter to the speed of the site, but also for a variety of other reasons. When you buy a hosting service, you need to make sure that your site visitors can quickly and easily access your site. You also need to consider hosting hosts that are physically in the country where most of your traffic comes from. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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