John Cena

It is true that love drives you to do mad things and for John Cena there is nothing that can stop fighting for Nikki Bella in his life.

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In a new episode of Total Bellas, Cena and Bella join in a romantic dinner under the candle light, where Cena makes a daunting promise to Nikki Bella.

“I want to marry you and marriage needs sacrifices. And I will sacrifice for you; I want to have a baby, “Cena said.

“But you have that …” Bella interrupted anticipating something stumbling over Cena’s star.

“I know that physically I can not have children,” said John Cena, “but I want to submit to surgery and to be a father.”

“Then I will leave today as an engaged lady on the brink of marriage,” concludes Nikki Bella.

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