For those who are going to leave the car for days in the garage or just drive to the weekends, there is no doubt: the best way to preserve the vehicle is to cover it with a good cover. After all, there is nothing worse for painting than the accumulation of dust, water or bird feces. There are hundreds of options on the market: there are those with UV protection (UV), with and without liner, permeable and waterproof, reflecting sunlight, fabric, vinyl, lycra, synthetic leather, noeprene, TNT), ventilation device etc.

All with different sizes, being the most common Small, Medium and Large. For every use there is an indication, so you have to know what the purpose is, a partner at Jaguar auto, a workshop specializing in shop and painting. Remarks that it is important to have criteria, as the wrong utilization of covers can harm damage the painting.

Car Covers


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