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We live in a very advanced world where a lot of technologies are used for nearly all tasks. This contributes to the current competitive nature of the businesses of today. For this reason, BI reporting has become a necessity in most organizations. Many companies use various software in supporting their data collection and reporting. And the most sought-after one is Microsoft Power BI. This software takes a very prominent spot since it equips the individuals with the relevant skills to analyze data using Power BI and Excel. To prove one’s expertise in a given field, the MCSA: BI Reporting certificate is made available by Microsoft.

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To obtainthis associate-level credential, one must clear two exams: Microsoft 70-778 and Microsoft 70-779. In this article, we are going to talk more about the knowledge domains of the first test and other details related to it.

Details of Microsoft 70-778 exam

Microsoft, AZ-900 70-483 70-740 MD-100 AZ-300 MS-100 70-480 AWS Azure Pass4sure Testking A+ Practice is a certification exam that focuses on the candidate’s skills in Power BI. It revolves around analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI. The test checks how proficient an applicant is to use Power BI Desktop to transform and consume data. It also evaluateswhether you have the skills to visualize data and also whether you have the knowledge required to work in Power BI Service. The exam also gauges yourability to accomplish various tasks, such as configuring dashboards, reports, and apps.

You should also note that Microsoft 70-778 consists of about 40 to 60 questions that have to be completed within 2 hours. They can be of various formats, such as build list, drag and drop, case study, short answer, hot area, and MCQ. Unlike other certificationtests offered by Microsoft, this exam is available only in English.

Domains of Microsoft 70-778 exam

The most important step in preparing for any certification test is learning its topics. You need to know what to study and which skills you are supposed to gain. Therefore, if you have decided to take Microsoft 70-778, let’s look at the objectives that will form the questions of this exam.

  1. Consume and change data by using Power BI Desktop – 20-25%

This is the first topic area that you can encounterin Microsoft 70-778. There are several concepts that you can come across in this domain, and they includetransformationperformance, connecting to data and its cleansing. All these three subtopics may include the knowledge of the following:

  • Connecting to database, folders, and files; connecting to SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Big Data, and SQL Azure; importing from Excel;
  • Meeting data quality requirements and manage incomplete data;
  • Designing and implementing advanced and basic transformations, change data format so as to support visualization, and apply business rules.
  1. Model and visualizedata – 45-50%

This is the second section of Microsoft 70-778. The questions that are testing the candidates on this knowledge domain dominate the entire exam. They make up to about 50 percent of the total score. The concepts include the skills in creating and optimizing data models; creating calculated tables, columns, measures, and hierarchies; managing custom reporting solutions; formatting interactive visualizations; using KPIs, cards, and gauges to measure performance. These may include but not limited to the following tasks:

  • Use Power Query, manually type in data,optimize models for reporting, manage relationships;
  • Use What if parameters, create DAX formulas for calculated tables, calculated columns, and measures;
  • Enablethe developers to create custom visuals, drive in reports in applications, and edit and create reports through custom applications;
  • Push data into the Power BI dataset using Power BI API as well as access and configure Microsoft Power BI Embedded;
  • Use themes and bookmarks for reports, format measures, integrate and enable R visuals, and handle categories with no data;
  • Configure duplicate pages, interactions between visual, page formatting & layout as well as data category & default summarization of columns;
  • Add columns to tables so as to support the desired hierarchy andcreate hierarchies based on the needs of the business;
  • Set values manually using format settings, configure values for gauges, calculate actual to target and vice versa.
  1. Configure dashboards, apps, and reports in Power BI Service – 25-35%

This is the third knowledge domain that Microsoft 70-778 is based on. It has about 35% of the total marks in this certification test. This objectiveis divided into several subtopics, so you need to know how to access on-premises data; configure apps and their workspaces, as well as security for apps, dashboards, and reports; publish and embed reports; configure a dashboard. Thus, you may be evaluated on the following skills:

  • Use Power BI Desktop to edit Power BI Service and a data gateway to connect to a data source;
  • Package reports and dashboards as apps, publish an app and update it, as well as configure and create an app workspace;
  • Configure row-level security, share& export the setting of the tenant, andaccess to app workspaces & dashboards;
  • Use the Admin Portal to create a security group;
  • Publish to Microsoft SharePoint;
  • Enable natural language queries, customize the title and URL, as well asadd dashboard settings, filter dashboards, text, and images https://www.certbolt.com/.


Passing Microsoft 70-778 is important because you will get so many benefits that will come your way if you take this exam and earn the associated credential. For example, adding such a certificationto your resume proves that you have the required skills. And this can open up many job opportunities, promotions, advanced job roles, and higher remuneration for you.

Clearing this certification test can be tiresome, but you will be one step closer to getting the MCSA: BI Reporting certificate. As there are a lot of objectives to study, so you need to put as much efforts as you can to complete your milestone. So, if you are ready to start preparing for this exam, just check out theverified and updated resources on thePrepAway platform. Take this test today before it expires on January 31, 2021.


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