Lenovo brings its first 5G laptops in December
Lenovo brings its first 5G laptops in December

The laptop market may soon shake with Lenovo preparing to launch its first 5G models in December 2019.

Laptops that can connect to super fast 5G networks would make a difference by revolutionizing the way we use them today.

According to an anonymous employee of Lenovo, the company is working with Intel and Qualcomm to produce laptops with up to 12 hours of battery life and 5G connectivity.

This means that Lenovo laptops could end up in Intel’s Athens Project, which aims to make Windows 10 laptops faster, thinner and with longer battery life.

However, we must remember that it is a connectivity in the early stages and when it reaches its maximum potential, 5G will open up a new world of possibilities thanks to the speed that 4G cannot reach.

Of course it will take some time until this technology matures.

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