The price of the upcoming LG phone, G8 ThinQ, is revealed
The price of the upcoming LG phone, G8 ThinQ, is revealed

The company not only confirmed the full name of the upcoming phone, LG G8 ThinQ, but also gave us some details about this device. It will be a ToF camera that will facilitate unlocking the phone through face and selfie with real depth.

Other rumors, such as the possible size of the battery, appeared, but information that surfaced over the weekend has nothing to do with hardware or features. Now, the price that the device will contain will also be announced.

LG G8 ThinQ price

The price is in Canadian dollars, which means that after the conversion, we will have a phone of about 800 euros.

Note that this value applies to the 128GB version, so we expect the smaller version, 64GB, to fall to a potential $849 or 750 euro price point.

LG will tell us more about their in the special event.

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