Don’t move on with the thought that there’s no real reason why you should ever need a lawyer.  It’s dangerous. The legal checks and balances present in the U.S. require an extensive knowledge of the law to successfully navigate many of life’s most challenging situations.  

You may not be under threat of going to prison, but there’s more to living free than simply being outside of the cage.  Check out a brief investigation into a few reasons why you should always maintain a relationship with a lawyer, and learn how to truly live free in regards to the l

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Driving presents unpredictable circumstances

Unless you live in one of the nation’s largest cities, it’s safe to assume you drive.  Driving presents a constant risk of injury. If you are injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may need a lawyer by your side.  

Not every car accident injury turns into a legal feud, but it’s wise to cover all your legal bases.  Being injured in a car accident can heavily impact your future, and you may need the compensation you are due to keep your head above water.  

Family matters can get hairy at times

Though you said “til death do us part,” your marriage isn’t guaranteed to last throughout your lifetime.  When marriages do fall apart, the ability to have a rational conversation typically follows. If you have children with your soon to be ex, legal support becomes even more vital.  

There are family lawyers who specialize in divorce and custody disputes.  Find a legal professional who has experience handling your particular challenges, and make certain that you come out of the dispute unscathed.  

Legal guidance is necessary for entrepreneurs

Starting your own business requires you to cover many different “bases,” and it’s wise to have a lawyer by your side.  A lawyer is especially helpful when you are officially structuring and creating your business entity.

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If you are ever injured on the job

When you are hired for a job, you fill out a whole bunch of paperwork.  That paperwork often includes a contract that essentially states that as long as you are sober on the job, your employer is liable for your care should you be injured.  

You can’t collect workers’ compensation or disability payments for an on-the-job injury if you were drunk or inhibited in any other way when the accident occurred, so make certain that you uphold your end of the contract.  

Make certain your last wishes are honored

If you have a lot of tangible assets accrued throughout your lifetime, you’ll want to rest assured that they are dispersed according to your wishes after you pass.  Hire a lawyer to assist you in writing up a legal last will and testament, so the law is on your side even after your death.  


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