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McLaren GT Debuts as a Powerful Sport-Car, with Plenty of Luggage Space

This powerful sport car, is well suited to meet everyday needs

2020 McLaren GT
2020 McLaren GT

Superior to the Speedtail, it is McLaren‘s first Grand Tourer model who combines lightweight carbon fiber construction with an high-end luxury.

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Among the key things to notice about the GT model is the large luggage compartment, such as luggage, bags, or even skis and accessories for winter sports.

The 4.0-liter engine that produces 612 horsepower enables it to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds, while having top speeds of up to 330 kilometers per hour. When the tank is completely filled with gas, it enables it to drive up to 645 kilometers.

The integration of Proactive Damping Control, which combines the suspension system and hydraulic steering wheel, has made the McLaren GT much more agile, while having more control over the brakes even when moving at low speeds. Moving this car, in this form, becomes much more enjoyable in urban spaces, as if it were an ordinary car.

Those interested in the McLaren GT should secure 190,000 euros, which is the starting price of this super car, until they have to wait until next year when this very good model will be launched.

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