Mediatek and Intel planning to bring 5G for Dell and HP laptops
Mediatek and Intel planning to bring 5G for Dell and HP laptops

MediaTek has announced a major partnership with Intel. The Taiwanese chip maker will partner with Intel to bring 5G support on laptops that work with Intel processors, reports GSMArena.

MediaTek is currently developing its own 5G modem, while the chip maker is working with multiple partners to produce this solution for next-generation networks. The first OEM products to benefit from this collaboration will be purchased by Dell and HP. It is expected that MediaTek’s 5G solutions on Windows laptops will arrive by early 2021.

MediaTek’s 5G modem, intended for these laptops, is based on the Helio M70 5G modem launched in May. The company will also soon be introducing 5G SoC intended for mobile phones.

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