Bugatti Chiron

Although he has not expressed a desire to have the crown of speed, Bugatti has set a new goal for himself to become the new king of the highest speeds ever.

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The impressive speed of 490,484 km/h was reached by Andy Wallace and verified by the German Technical Inspection Association, meaning the new record has been officially confirmed.

As you can see it is not a typical Chiron Sport. Bugatti has partnered with Dallara chassis experts and Michelin tire makers with the aim of creating a modified version of the hypercar that would break the 482km/h barrier.

According to Top Gear manufacturers have been working on the W16 engine for 6 months, and the result is spectacular.

It’s about 25 centimeters taller than the standard Chiron Sport, which makes it look magnificent.

The 8.0-liter quad-turbo engine produces 1,578 horsepower. Along with the all-wheel drive system, the Ricardo seven-speed automatic transmission also comes.

Now that the speed record of 482 km/h has been broken, speed fans are waiting for a hypercar to exceed 500 km/h. If that happens, which car will break this record: Chiron Super Sport, Jesko, Tuatara or Venom F5?

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