Mercedes-AMG One
Mercedes-AMG One, the Mercedes car with Formula 1 engine postponed to 2021

The debut of the Mercedes-AMG One has extended for 2021, said a senior AMG driver. The first car prototype was shown in 2017 at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

But adapting the engine of a Formula 1 car to a road car is not at all easy.

This is the second time the car’s debut has been delayed. AMG chief Tobias Moers in 2018 said customers should wait until 2020 because of the challenges the company has emerged to achieve emission standards.

The task has become even more difficult after the entry into force of new European emission rules from 1 September.

mercedes amg one 1mercedes amg one

Even if it weren’t for emissions problems, putting a Formula 1 car engine on a road car is a monumental achievement. That’s because the engine in a race is constantly monitored by engineers.

Also to start such an engine a temperature of 79 degrees Celsius must be reached preliminarily.

mercedes amg w07 2016 formula one car 100546763 l

Finally after 50,000 kilometers engine rebuild from the beginning is needed. Mercedes-AMG One uses a 1.6-liter V6 Turbo engine accompanied by a combined horsepower of 1,000 horsepower.

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