Mercedes G-Class With Brabus Adventure Package
Mercedes G-Class With Brabus Adventure Package

Based on the current generation of the Mercedes G-Class, the Brabus Adventure model is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to escape the “wild” road terrain.

This Brabus G-Class, named Adventure D35, comes with a 3.06-liter Turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 326 hp. Also, this “beast” is able to cross all “wild” road terrain without any problem.

Also, Brabus Adventure D35, based on the Mercedes G350d, comes with 9-speed automatic gearbox and 4×4 all-wheel-drive system.

Adventure D35 is 10 cm wider than the standard G350d model and 40 mm taller, and comes with 285/55 R20 tires suitable for all road terrains. Also, if something goes wrong, it also has a tow rope.

In addition to the interior fitted with the finest materials, the new Brabus SUV also has 4 LED lights, handles, shovels, tow bar, etc.

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