Microsoft warns users of another dangerous update

Windows 10 has just made the biggest change in history, however the update of the update rule has no value and Microsoft continues to apologize for the quality of the updates itself.

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And it happened again. Just a week after Windows 10 computers froze after an update, Microsoft warned the users with another serious problem.

On KB4493509 site, Microsoft confirmed that computers can freeze during work or when start.

Freezing during work may most likely have a big impact on business computers. Cause is a conflict that is created with antivirus software after installing updates.

The good news is that things are expected to change. The 360-degree rotation that gave users greater control over major but also on small updates will also help them block the problematic updates.

But the change does not come before May and April has always been relentless with Microsoft and especially Windows 10. In fact, in the last 18 months, the quality of Microsoft updates has been catastrophic.

Users encountered problems in January, April, October and November 2018 and in February 2019. However, allowing users to block updates is just a small solution to a big problem. Perhaps the most important thing is not sending them at all.

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