Microsoft Surface Pro X

At the annual Surface event Microsoft introduced the long-awaited Surface model with ARM mobile processors. It is the first time Microsoft has introduced a product with such a processor.

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The 13-inch device will use a customized Microsoft chip called the SQ1 based on Qualcomm Snapdragon and an AI accelerator. Microsoft and Qualcomm have also worked to build custom graphics cores for the Surface Pro X which will have Windows 10 version of ARM.

Surface Pro X goes on sale November 5th starting at $999. Comes with USB-C port and LTE connectivity. The screen has a 1400: 1 contrast ratio and 2880 × 1920 resolution that can be replaced with another 4K.

Surface Pro X is 5.3mm thin and weighs 760 grams. It also has a hard drive that can be easily removed.

Alongside with Qualcomm, Microsoft designed the SQ1 chip. ARM has long been working to bring chip designs to laptops, desktops and even servers. With each new generation, the company is talking about bringing its processors to more desktop devices. Microsoft partnership is a good chance to get closer to this goal.

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