Microsoft unveils the 7th generation of Surface Pro: Surface Pro 7
Microsoft unveils the 7th generation of Surface Pro: Surface Pro 7

The laptop-tablet brings USB-C, a very important addition that device lovers have been waiting for years.

The latest generation of Surface Pro starts at $749 and orders starts from today. The device goes on sale October 22.

Like its predecessors, the Surface consists of a 12-inch display and a stand to keep it in vertical position. It also comes with a removable keypad and a Stylus Surface Pen pencil that allows writing, drawing and note-taking.

Today the Surface Pro is the most popular 2n1 tablet in the world according to Microsoft. 75% of Fortune 500 companies buy Surface hardware. The company emphasized the creative potential of the Surface Pro and featured an artist using it in a video.

Surface Pro 7

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