Microsoft warns 800 million Windows 10 users

Windows 10 problems are not over. The platform has been hit by numerous issues in recent weeks and Microsoft‘s partners have made the situation even worse.

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But another warning from Microsoft comes to Windows 10. Microsoft warned 800 million Windows 10 users that a serious and enduring problem was on a platform that is not known if we can consider it a problem.

Microsoft said it has silently shut down Windows registry backups in Windows 10 eight months ago. Creating registry backups is one of the most important protection processes for many businesses and users. If the Windows Backup System fails when windows has failed, the backup of the registry is all that remains.

From Windows 10 version 1803, the operating system does not save the backup of the registry to the RegBack folder.

Windows 10 1803 debuted in October and despite the fact that this “problem” was dealt with in the Feedback Center, only today the company is open to what has happened. Ironically because Microsoft two months ago said Windows 10 users would have more “control, quality, and transparency.”

According to the company it has been made to shrink the space occupied by Windows on the disk. And how much space does a backup of the registry? Between 50 to 100MB.

In recent months, Microsoft has intensified its efforts to relocate hundreds of millions of Windows 7 users to Windows 10. Such actions have to hinder Microsoft’s mission.

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