We have long known this console under the codename “Project Scarlett” and it looks and feels like the brain of a personal computer. This design by Xbox boss Phil Spencer helps Microsoft accommodate more processor power while keeping noise levels low.

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The console will be less noisy than the Xbox One X and there is only one fan that pushes the air up. Xbox Series X is as wide as a remote and about three times as long. On the technical side, Microsoft says the Xbox Series X can easily handle 4K video at 60 frequencies per second and in other formats up to 120 frequencies per second.

The console comes with new ray tracing technology as well as 8K resolution. On the inside is a custom processor and graphics as well as SSD memory. The latter will significantly shorten the time that proper console to open games.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Along with the console Microsoft also introduced the Xbox Wireless remote control. It runs on Xbox One and Windows 10 and will be included with any Xbox Series X console.

Microsoft said the console will be sold for the holiday season next year but did not provide details on how much it will cost.

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