Official: Huawei will launch the new phone, P30, in the coming month
Official: Huawei will launch the new phone, P30, in the coming month

Huawei will be in full alert at Mobile World Congress 2019 later this month, but it looks like the company will not launch the P30 series there. Their MWC 2019 agenda includes a folding phone, for which, the company says it will come with 5G. The Huawei P30, on the other hand, will be launched in March.

Huawei has revealed their plans to release the P30 series in Paris next month, in a press release, highlighting their business plans for Poland.

Huawei will double its staff at the office in Poland, employing 100 other employees.

Chinese Conglomerates happen to have a leading position in this market. The company reached over 33 percent of the country’s mobile market last year.

The Huawei P20 and Mate 20 phones have been quite successful there.

The company also sells accessories, tablets, and even laptops in Poland.

Huawei has previously discovered new equipment in the French capital so it is not surprising to see that it may be planning to do so for the P30 series.

No further information has been discovered by the company for these devices yet. There is also no concrete date for the Paris event.

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