One Stop Software for Established Traders and Active Investors

One Stop Software for Established Traders and Active Investors

Are your investments spread out in several places and institutions? All investors need an investment portfolio tracker or software that can monitor their mutual exchanges and traded funds, individual and public stocks, and bonds. These software tools can help you examine your overall investment returns, asset allocation, and commission fees, all in one place.

To achieve that, active traders and investors need personal investment software to do that on their behalf. 

And whereas you can do that by yourself and track stocks and investment trends on a spreadsheet, there is far more excellent investment portfolio management software available out there. But why should you bother to use this one-stop software? With free investment software, which you can make a one-time or spread-out fee payment, you will get investment analyzers, tracking software, and tools that can handle your stock tracking. 

That said, let’s look into some of the best top software for established traders and active investors.

NetPicks Smart Trading

Established in 1996, NetPicks has been around for over 20 years helping people achieve their trading success. Moreover, NetPicks specialize in trading systems and education that covers an active day and swing trading for stocks, futures, and options. With regards to education, this agency is reputable for its highly experienced traders that take clients through their trading journeys.

With their top-notch training in education and trading systems from experienced coaches, the team at this agency is hailed for its fully committed coaches that walk with clients to become successful active traders. 

The Packages They Deal With

Stock Market Trading System

With NetPicks, you can learn to swing and day trade stock, thanks to their proprietary trading systems, which come with complete training in the live market and support for their clients.

Options Trading System

With their options trading system, you can profit in multiple ways. They keep abreast with informed predictions and trends by scouring the market to shift the edge to favor their clients. Moreover, they cut through the complex jargon and develop real-time strategies that can get established traders off to a quick start.

Futures Trading System

With this option, traders with this software can take advantage of the short-term opportunities available with regards to Future Markets. Moreover, they take you through the process of setting up the trades in such markets.

Master Investor 6

As a derivative of the Owl Software, the Master Investor software is designed to cater to investors’ professional portfolio management. And whether you are a company or in person, the software analyzes personal portfolio management for individual investors.

With this software, investors and professional money managers can track and analyze investments that range from stocks, funds, options, and other prized assets. Furthermore, the software can analyze retail and technical portfolio management. The most noteworthy feature of this software includes:

  • Tracking investment transactions.
  • Automated calculation of your net worth, pending or unrealized gains, capital gains, returns on investments as well as asset allocation.
  • Can create up to 1000 portfolios together with their investment reports.
  • Has charts for visual analysis with regards to price dynamics.
  • Has indicators for MACK relative strength prediction, stochastic oscillators, and polynomial trend analysis.
  • Offers online quote updates and asset allocation reports.

Quicken Premier

This has been a go-to financial management software for many traders. And it continues to rank high in the personal capital analysis for investment portfolios. Recently, Quicken premier launched an annual one-time subscription model to its software to track investments as well as supplement the regular desktop app that you can install on a computer. Aside from that, the software has an online portal and app to access the on-the-go money manager.

The most noteworthy features in the Quicken premier investment management include:

  • You can download and track your income, dividends, commission fees, among others.
  • Offers scores of money and investment reports with a variety of customization options.
  • Offers reports on capital gains, return on investments versus the market performance, tax reports, investment transactions, among others.
  • Has a retirement planner tool.
  • Offers an options trading tracker.
  • All investors and active traders need software that can analyze their investment capabilities in one place. It helps if your income, expenses, ROI, budgeting, and overall money management capabilities are in one place. So, why bother downloading data from several of your investment or credit card accounts if you can use one of the above-mentioned one-stop software for portfolio management? And whereas there are legitimate security concerns from banks and brokerages, it is not a problem for the aforementioned software.
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