"Orii" the first ring which you can make calls!

The future of the phone will go through our finger. This is because now to answer a phone call, call someone or listen to a voice message, just bring your finger to the ear and everything is resolved.All you will need is to have an “Orii” on your finger, the first ring which you can makes calls.

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Thanks to a technology that transmits sounds through our bones, it is possible to hear the voice messages or to make a call, simply by exerting pressure from the finger to the ear.

Orii is a Bluetooth ring, which according to its manufacturers enables us to have a better and clearer sound, even in very noisy ambient.

At the same time, the ring has a system that prevents noise for the converser. The device has a very simple design, which is represented by a small box, located on the top of the ring, with a LED on the front and two buttons on the side parts.

Ori is dressed in a body that makes it indescribable from water, to avoid ruining it while doing a shower. In addition to the calls, it is possible to use the ring to listen to vocal assistant suggestions or to receive notifications.

Created by Origami Labs, Orii was launched a year ago on the crowdfunding platform, and now after the funding campaign success, the device is ready for sale at a price of $ 159. Ori is available in four colors: red, gray, black and gold.

At the moment is still a construction project, but many think that the clock will come next to replace the smartphone clock, and even Apple is working in that direction.

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