New phone processors will support up to 192-megapixel cameras

In recent months, we have seen apparent evolutions in smartphone camera systems. Already they are bigger and have more sensors.

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With Xiaomi launching a 48-megapixel camera phone and the Nokia 9 PureView with five rear cameras, we can say freely that the smartphone photo is starting a new journey.

To facilitate this process, Qualcomm silently updated the camera specifications for some of the Snapdragon mobile platforms.

Qualcomm has added support for 192-megapixel sensors for Snapdragon 60, Snapdragon 710, Snapdragon 712, Snapdragon 845 and Snapdragon 855 chipset.

This means that future phones with this processor will support camera systems that generate 192-megapixel data.

However, for each new chip, the specification of the camera will change for sensors to and couple.

Also to offer image quality up to 192-megapixels, Qualcomm will incorporate functions such as zero-lag and reduction of “noise” of images.

The paper looks a big step forward and this configuration would require a 192-megapixel camera sensor that does not exist. At least for the time we are living.

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