Now that you have yielded to the desire to visit London to experience the culture, festivals, and nightlife, you will need help with getting around the city. We have gathered the top 5 apps that you need to download before you embark on the trip to the capital.

Whether you want to soak in London’s rich art culture, or you want to see historic sites like St Paul’s Cathedral, sample some of the countries craft beer, enjoy the view from the city’s rooftop bars, take a walk down some of London’s historic streets such as Shoreditch or take selfies at the popular Abbey Road, London is filled with hundreds of attractions. You will need more than one lifetime to see them all.

Here are five Apps to help you get around the city and cut through the noise, navigate the city and find hidden gems with ease.


Your smartphone most likely has Google maps installed, but Citymapper is a more appropriate app that you need to have when visiting London. The app has a comprehensive map that you need to master the city’s complex transport network. Just like Google maps, the app will give you details about the address you are trying to get to including estimates of cycling, walking, public transport or taxi. Citymapper provides multiple routes when using the bus, overground rail or the tube. In addition, the app updates you about travel disruptions which it factors into alternative route suggestions. You can tell the app to notify you when you are about to reach your stop.

National Trust

The best thing about London is that there is something for everyone. Whether you want to escape the city or find the perfect spot to relax, the National Trust is the app that you should have installed on your smartphone. The app is best if you are looking forward to seeing historic places and natural beauty in the UK. The app has a collection of about 400 locations and properties, as well as an updated list of current events which can be searched by location. It is also a reliable way to locate the city’s unique spots.


YPlan offers a bird’s eye view of events and festivals happening in London. Whether you are looking for an exclusive club, a comedy club, a museum opening or art exhibition, YPlan will provide details of everything that is going on. The app lets you view what’s going on in the city on a list or you can use the map function. You will be able to locate unique spots like Plonk Golf venues across the city. The app also offers flash sales, allowing you to buy discounted tickets.

Uber or another taxi app

If you are not familiar with London or you are visiting for the first time, then you need a taxi app. This is your best option if you want to navigate London without stress. The best part is that there is always an Uber or other taxi service less than 5 minutes away from anywhere in the city.

London’s Best Coffee

If you can’t do without coffee and you need to have access to the best coffee shops in London, then you need this app. The London’s Best Coffee has a listing London’s independent cafes. The app gives details about the cafes and the machines that each one uses, ratings and news about special offers and tastings.


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