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VIPs super-luxury cars (Photo)

The passion of many of the stars of music, cinema and television is undoubtedly the cars, which most of them have personalized. But above all, the extraordinary prices...
Run and Burn: Training & Diet Tips for Maximum Weight Loss

Run and Burn: Training & Diet Tips for Maximum Weight Loss

Running is an aerobic exercise, therefore, it’s extremely effective for weight loss by default (Obesity). And Harvard Medical School states that this particular sport offers many other...
New Year Gifts

Overwhelm Your Man with Awesome New Year Gifts

You love him so much, so the pressure is on! You want a perfect New Year gift for him this year. Whether you’re searching for a big...
Lindsey Pelas

Sex model ‘bombs’ social networks (Photo)

Lindsey Pelas has been one of the most popular women in 2017 in Instagram. The number of fans has jumped to more than 7.1 million, compared to 2.4...

Sleep Deprivation affects your Heart – Here’s how

Most often, we are guilty of ignoring the health of the most hardworking organ in the body – the heart. This muscular organ is the size of...
Six advised exercises for abdominal muscles

Six advised exercises for abdominal muscles

Exercises for abdominal muscles are the most difficult, tedious and, consequently, most annoying. Especially when you are overweight and have a little belly. Six advised exercises for abdominal...
Top 10 richest actors in the world

Top 10 richest actors in the world – [PHOTO]

Actors, mostly American ones, are paid up to several million dollars for a role.Thanks to their talent in acting they have put millions of dollars into their...


With an easy boat trip from Singapore, there is a whole new space of fun with a beach and yummy food water slides for kids and trampoline...
Fantastic pictures in water (PHOTO)

Fantastic pictures in water (PHOTO)

We can all agree that water has many useful features, but we often forget to stop and admire its clear and unique beauty, which offers the most...
treatment of male baldness

What no one is ready to tell you about the treatment of male baldness

While many do not treat male baldness as a disorder or disease, it can be disruptive and distressing for those, who experience it. Male patterned baldness (MPB)...

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