Covid-19 and Mental Health | Some Effective Tips

Covid-19 and Mental Health | Some Effective Tips

The coronavirus has taken a toll on our normal lifestyles. According to the mental health news, the changed realities of home-schooling, temporary unemployment, working at homes, and not being able to physically contact family members, colleagues, and friends have affected the mental health of almost every individual. The adults are depressed from the ongoing financial crisis, insufficient money, and constant fear of them or their family being infected with the coronavirus.
On the other hand, these unprecedented times have also enormously disrupted the lives of our children. Presently, the kids are also experiencing anxiety, fear, and worry. They are scared by listening to the devastating news of numerous deaths occurring every day everywhere.
While the cure of coronavirus has not been developed yet, and there is still no sign of it suddenly vanishing, the one thing we can do is to take care of our mental health.

Following are some ways you can secure yourself from the mental health issues due to the coronavirus.

1.Social exposure and interactions

Remember to take breaks regularly from your screen activities. It has been repeatedly stated in the mental health news that you must follow reliable news channels to stay informed. Listen to the recommendations and advice given by the World Health Organization, local and national authorities. If your mental health is being affected by constantly looking at your news feed, then you must reduce your screen time so that you won’t feel distressed, anxious, or triggered.
Don’t trust everything regarding the pandemic that you see on your social media and try to promote hopeful and positive stories through your accounts. You must regularly stay in contact with your loved ones, friends, and family through online platforms and telephones so that your mental health would not be affected by loneliness.

2.Look after your body

For physically and mentally surviving this deathly virus, it is significant that you take care of your body. When you are feeling overwhelmed, stretch and take a deep breath. A healthy and well-balanced diet will not only make your immune system strong but will also make your mind strong as well. Incorporate as many raw vegetables and fruits in your diet as much as you can.
Regularly exercise and get at least 8 hours of sleep every day to relax your mind and body. Avoid excessive intake of tobacco, alcohol, and substance. Continue with your routine necessary medical check-ups if you have any medical condition.

3.What should parents do?

All parents should maintain flexible routines. You must explain to your kids what coronavirus is and how they can stay away from it. Make your children’s’ home learning experience easier and help them if they increasingly seek your attention. Make sure that your children play and take part in creative activities at home to counter their sadness and fear. Social distancing tends to affect a child’s psyche as he/she cannot meet or play with his/her friends. As a parent, ensure that your children stay in contact with their friends.
Instead of just letting your children stay on their phones or computers, try to make them spend quality time with the family and have thoughtful conversations with them about your and theirs emotions. If you belong to a religious family, then make sure that you and your children collectively pray to God. This way they can somehow develop a positive perspective of the current situation and learn to cope with it intelligibly.

4.What people suffering from mental health disorders should do?

If you are already diagnosed with some mental illness, then you must continue taking prescribed medication and make sure that you never run out of it. In case you regularly see a therapist or mental health professional, contact them and try to keep your sessions going virtually.
Stay in touch with people who know about your condition and whom you completely trust. If you are suffering from drug or alcohol disorder, keep in mind that the feelings of anxiety, isolation, and fear due to Covid-19 can enhance the possibility of substance use, relapse, non-compliance, or disengagement from treatment. So, it is necessary to continue your medication regimen, specifically if you take opioid medications such as buprenorphine or methadone.

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The historical drama series invented by Barry Jenkins will follow a network of navigating hidden underground roads and safe houses that allowed Black American slaves to escape to freedom in the early-mid-1800s. The pursuit of happiness is also of free life. is a great achievement for him. Based on the book of the same name, the play shows the journey of Cora, an enslaved woman in Georgia, who joins Caesar to find common freedom, amid many different challenges they face.


The “Suicide Squad” series, starring John Cena, will create a field of Peacekeepers, so that the main condition is peace itself, regardless of the turmoil that may pass. A series that is really worth watching in the episodes in the sequel where above all freedom prevails. Film director James Gunn also wrote the series and will direct many episodes, including the pilot. Steve Agee, Jennifer Holland, and Chris Conrad will also appear in the action-comedy. A comedy that is really worth watching.

This comedy will star Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez as a group of true crime fans. They hope that together with their experience they will solve a murder that happened in their apartment complex. From this murder that was done, the creation of this comedy was triggered, which is really worth following where Martin and John Hoffman created the show.

This dramatic series is inspired by a New York Magazine article, written by Jessica Pressler. It features a Russian-born “Ozark” “Julia Garner” cheater like Anna, who managed to establish a fictional identity of Delvey, claiming to be a wealthy German heiress. A drama series that is really worth watching

This episode is scheduled to air in March, this episode of reunion with cast members from the sitcom will not feature the cast in their old roles. Instead, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer will take part in a panel discussion, watching the series almost two decades after it aired. This episode that has been running since 1990 will continue for a long time. 2021

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Top 5 Tv Shows that are Canceled in 2021

Top 5 Tv Shows that are Canceled in 2021

Top 5 Tv Shows that are Canceled in 2021


  1. Altered Carbon: Canceled after two seasons

Being on ice for 250 years, a prisoner returns to life with a chance to win his freedom with a new body: by solving a difficult murder.
The Tv Show Altered Carbon was created by L. Kalogridis based on the novel from the author Richard K. Morgan,2002. Its two-season Netflix run (and a movie) matches another sci-fi series, the Wachowskis’ the Sense8.

The reason for canceling is not COVID-related as it seems but stems from the streamer’s standard viewership vs. cost renewal process
The Giant Netflix canceled also two previously renewed series, for COVID-related circumstances.

2.I’m Sorry: Canceled after two seasons

I’m Sorry(Tv Show) is an American sitcom that premiered in 2017, on TruTV. In 2017 truTV renewed these series for a second season. In 2019 again the series was renewed for a third season that was scheduled for 2020. Later in 2020 TruTV canceled the series after two good seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

3.Ray Donovan: Canceled after seven seasons

Ray Donovan (Tv Show crime drama series) is created by Ann Biderman for Showtime. The twelve-episode in the first season premiered in 2013. The first episode broke viewership records, becoming the greatest premiere of all time on Showtime Company. In 2020, Showtime canceled the series after seven good seasons.

4. White Lines: Canceled after one season

White Lines (Tv Show) is a British-Spanish mystery thriller created by Álex Pina. The first season with the 10-episode series was released on Netflix in 2020. In August 2020, the tv show was canceled after one good season.

5.Penny Dreadful: City of Angels: Canceled after Season 1

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (Tv Show dark fantasy) is an American created by John Logan for Showtime. Season 1, a spin-off from Penny Dreadful, was ordered in 2018 and is filmed in Los Angeles during 1938. City of Angels was premiered in 2020. In August 2020, the series was canceled after one good season.


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Kylie Jenner almost NAKED

The youngest self made billionaire Kylie Jenner attracts attention again. She looks great as she is wearing a gray body. Her perfect lines leave no room for discussion. It is not the first time she dares in these limits with her attractive poses .Let’s see the picture:

Wonderful or not? Of course yes !
In her photo she had written “All good”, maybe she meant that she is having a good time in these quarantine times.
A while ago she drove her fans crazy with another almost naked photo wearing only a hat. The photo counts 10 million likes so far. They will surely grow even more in the future.

There are also thousands of comments from fans, with a mixed reaction to the snap.

Some are admiring Kylie for looking amazing, applauding her.

A commenter wrote:

“She has a baby and looks like a goddess…I have babies and I look like someone’s before picture for full body reconstruction.”

However, some people are calling her naked snap out for being inappropriate.

In response to the picture, one follower said:

“You are beautiful. I honestly wish you and your sisters would post more honest, unfiltered pictures. Women and young girls look to you as a role model and its very unrealistic to think that every day people can look this good.”

Another said:

“What an example to her daughter. I love you Kylie but this is not right by the way it’s your life.”

I don’t know guys, she looks great, and so what?

We say do your thing Kylie!

Kim Kardashian

This is the ideal body of a 40-year-old! Kim appears bombastic in bikini (PHOTO)

Attached to the photos she writes: “This is how it is to be 40 years old”!

The 40-year-old Kim Kardashian has shared with her followers on Instagram a set of photos, where she appears in a tight bikini, posing by the sea.

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She is considered the most beautiful woman in the world and Kim Kardashian has proven that even with 40 years on her shoulders, she continues to be in top-shape.

Kim has chosen to pose in a pair of bikinis that reveal all her perfect assets.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts, Drop a comment and let us know in the comments section below, your comments help us. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian turns 40th (Photo)

Kim Kardashian was photographed coming out of the top of a giant cake in a bizarre photo set, for her 40th birthday

Challenging the years, Kim looks perfect and wrinkle-free, while posing in front of the camera. The idea was to look like a candle as it emerged from the top of a giant cake.

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The star did not leave much room for imagination, wearing a bikini and a pair of sheer pants.

Kim kept the fans “nailed” by posting a video behind the scenes of her shooting on Story on Instagram for her 190 million followers to enjoy.

The shoot was to take promotional photos for her new titled beauty line KKW, in honor of her 40th birthday, which is October 21st.

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Practice These 7 Tricks to Deal with Insomnia When In Menopause

Going through menopause is a big transition for any woman in this world. It is often associated with a significant degree of discomfort as well. Dealing with seemingly nonstop hot flashes can be quite unpleasant. The same thing applies to deal with night after night of sleeping troubles. If you’re a woman who is trying to navigate all of the frustrations of insomnia that’s related to menopause, then these seven suggestions may help get you on the correct track in no time.

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1. Take Supplements for Menopause Applications

There are trusted menopause supplements that can do a lot for women who are trying to battle it out against all sorts of issues that relate to the major changes that are taking place inside of their bodies. Supplements can in many cases help women get their sleep hygiene moving in the correct direction. Beyond that, supplements can help with other issues that often relate to menopause.

Examples are bone loss, mood swings and even night sweating. It can help to search specifically for supplements that include ginseng, red clover and black cohosh. These components can all do a lot to ease symptoms that are associated with menopause. Zero in on supplements that focus on promoting superior sleep hygiene, too.

2. Keep Your Body Moving

Being active can go a long way for women who want to feel fit as a fiddle during menopause. Regular exercise sessions can do a lot to keep your sleep schedule on track. Just make a point to try to work out earlier in the day if at all possible. If you exercise too close to your desired bedtime at night, then it may interfere with your being able to fall and remain asleep. Try to go for brisk walks and jogs around the neighbourhood or local park. Cardiovascular exercise at the gym can work like a charm, too. Test out yoga.

3. Consume a Nutritious Diet

A healthy diet can go a long way in this world. Eating healthily can help you keep your weight in check. It can even help you deal with sleep troubles of all kinds. If you want to be able to get plenty of rest on a nightly basis, you should do your part by chowing down on all of the right kinds of foods. Consume plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and legumes if at all possible. Steer clear of overly processed foods, added sugars and food items that are particularly greasy.

4. Go for HRT

HRT or “hormone replacement therapy” can be a game-changer for women who want to take charge of menopause and any troubles it has caused their sleeping habits. Note, however, that not all women are strong fits for the therapy. If you’re susceptible to breast cancer, then it may not be a suitable pathway for you. If you have had any blood clots in the past, the same thing applies.

It’s critical to speak with your doctor as a means of figuring out whether hormone replacement therapy is a viable path for you in times of menopause.

5. Just Say No to Caffeine Intake

It can be hard for many people to resist caffeine intake. The reality is, however, that caffeine can be a huge stumbling block for many women who are trying to navigate menopause with ease. It can stop women from falling asleep at night. It can in some cases even bring on unpleasant and persistent hot flashes. If you want to keep your sleep schedule healthy, it may be in your greatest interests to resist the urge to consume caffeine entirely.

If you’re unable to do that, then you should at least restrict consumption to the morning hours alone. Just say no to drinking alcohol prior to turning in for the night as well. Alcohol is like caffeine in that it can sometimes bring on hot flashes.

6. Unwind

If you want to combat insomnia in times of menopause, it can help you more than anything to take it easy. Go for a soothing bath right before you’re due to hit the sack. Read a funny book. Watch a television program that you like. Chat on the phone with one of your closest friends. If you chill out prior to bed, then it may make getting sleep a lot simpler.

7. Stay Cool

Night sweats can stop women from feeling cozy any time they’re trying to sleep. The same exact thing applies to hot flashes. If you want to keep these issues away, then you should stay cool to the best of your ability. It can help to put on pyjamas that are made out of cotton and that are breathable. It can even help to go for a shower that’s nice, refreshing and cool prior to bed.

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gift basket

How to arrange a gift basket

Making a gift basket on your own is more beneficial than buying a gift basket. In the readymade gift baskets, you will sometimes get your demandable substance and sometimes you won’t get. 

That’s why you should learn how to arrange a gift basket. So that you can create a gift basket as you like. Don’t get nervous because arranging a gift basket is too straightforward. Therefore, be confident and assemble some tools and start arranging your gift basket following my steps.

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Tools & materials you should assemble

While arranging a gift basket, you must need some tools and materials for decorating it with attractive looks. Your required tools should be like pipe cleaners, packing tape, glue dots, and scissors for decorating. 

Materials you will need include basket, paper, paper shreds, cellophane, ribbon, and Styrofoam. Without these tools and materials, arranging the gift basket will be complicated for you. 

How to arrange a gift basket in 7 simple steps

You might have seen lots of tips & tricks or steps for how to arrange a gift basket. But my steps are practical and pretty easier to understand. 

Think about the basket type

There are different types of gift baskets, such as round-up, box shape, pot shape, and more. Now consider how many gift packs you need and what size you will require. As your requirement, choose a proper basket first. 

Gather the gifts in one section

Whatever you choose as a gift, such as a chocolate box, jar, food items, beauty items, just keep them in one place. Also, you can separate them as their size. It will make your arranging process smoother. 

Fill ½ space of the box with paper shreds

Remember, never put the gifts directly on the basket because it looks awkward. It will be better if you fill the ½ space of the box with paper shreds or normal paper. 

Wrap up the gifts (Optional)

If you want to surprise someone, then you can wrap every single gift each one by one. 

Put the gifts one by one

After wrapping them with attractive wrapper, take all larger gifts and put them into the basket. After that, take all the small gifts then arrange them in the upper position of the basket. Don’t overflow the basket with gifts because it looks gauche. 

Wrap the whole basket

When you feel you arranged them thoroughly, then you have to wrap the whole basket. It is crucial because it will protect the gifts from falling down. 

Adjust a gift card

After decorating the whole basket, it’s time to set a gift card in the upper section. Alternatively, you can put your gift card in the basket beside the gifts. Write a sweet wishing comment, and your gift basket is ready to be handed. 

So, I hope this amazing article about arranging a gift basket helped a lot to teach you the whole decorating process easily.

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Alkaline diet

Alkaline diet: Claims, facts, and foods

Does an alkaline diet work? Or does an alkaline diet have any adverse effects?  These are the most common questions about the alkaline diet. 

A few decades ago, the alkaline diet became the hottest topic, when thousands of people are affected by various acidity diseases. That time, doctors and health-conscious people are trying their best to build awareness. They awarded people an alkaline diet helps us prevent building the body’s acidic environment. 

Now, people have realised an Alkaline Naturals foods are secure, effective, and medically reliable. That’s the reason an alkaline diet has become a daily habit for healthy people.

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Does the Alkaline Diet Work?

Promoters believe that it helps to lose weight and prevent the growth of various diseases. But there is no testimony to prove this. 

The research found that an alkaline diet keeps well the liver, lungs, and kidney health. It also keeps our hearts in good shape. But these didn’t achieve by increasing the blood PH level. 

Significant changes in blood PH level mean threatening the lives. But you should not worry because the alkaline diet doesn’t change the blood PH. Moreover, it is possible to change the urine and saliva PH levels.  

The human body is innately alkaline. And also have the optimal acids for proper digestion. So unwanted acidity in the stomach allows various cancer cells to grow in the body.

Low-acidic and low-fat foods help to maintain a healthy life. At this point, the alkaline diet is correct. An alkaline diet is a list of low-fat and low-acidic food. It represents fruits and vegetables as an ideal food rather than meats and processed foods. It helps us to improve our immunity and protect from different diseases. 

What Says Research About The Alkaline Diet?

Rumors spread that the alkaline diet increases the blood PH level. Even some people claim that it increases acidity. But, nothing found in the research, only the supporters claim. 

On the other hand, some nutrition experts suggest that an alkaline diet works to improve overall health. But not in the way of increasing the PH level in blood. 

As I mentioned earlier, an alkaline diet represents fruits, vegetables, and low-acidic foods. Taking these foods has various positive effects on our body. 

Let’s listed some health issues where an alkaline diet may help to reduce the problems-

  • Helps to lose weight
  • Improve kidneys health
  • Prevent growing cancer cells 
  • Keep heart in perfect shape
  • Reduce heart diseases
  • Improve digestions
  • Reduce constipation problems
  • Prevent abdominal problems
  • Increase growth hormones
  • Reduce back pains
  • Prevent Osteoporosis 
  • Build muscles 
  • Increases immunity 


Alkaline Diet Foods

An alkaline diet focuses on low-acidic and low-fat foods.

These include-

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit juices 
  • Wine
  • Soy foods
  • Nuts
  • Mineral soda water
  • Seeds
  • Tofu
  • Legumes like lentils

There is no particular recipe guide for alkaline foods. You may simply follow the list and can make your own recipes.

Acidic Foods To Avoid

  • Meats
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol
  • Ice cream
  • Lentils 
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Processed foods
  • Coffee
  • Soda



No doubt, fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods help us improve our overall health conditions. And an alkaline diet also encourages these types of foods. 

Diversity in a diet plan is essential. People should follow such a diet plan where every initial nutrient is included. However, an alkaline diet doesn’t make any difference in the blood PH level, but it can change the eating habit. 

But before trying any diet plan, one should take a consultation with his or her doctor.

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Travel Around the US

Different Ways to Travel Around the US

There are many options people can choose to travel around this planet. America is so huge, most of them are relevant! Texas alone is greater in size than France. Would-be visitors need to assess the distances they will be traveling and think of speed, comfort, privacy, and freedom to name but a few things. Let’s look at the major options together.

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There are many airlines from which to choose. Chicago is packed with visitors every day, and they walk, taxi, cycle, or use public transport. There are also private charter providers who transport wealthy business people from state to state. Many tourists choose personal jet flights too, be they to visit museums, art institutes, or sporting events. Sometimes it is cheaper to travel by plane than using a train, although people may need to rent a car on arrival at the airport. 


This method maximizes the sense of independence and autonomy. People can enjoy the landscape as they travel. Whilst trains or buses may not take someone to their exact desired location, a car will. Having said that, driving in cities is not a relaxing experience for inexperienced folk. 

People can also rent cars, but they need to have had a license for at least a year in North America. Vehicles can be accessed straight from the airport, but the most economical method is to book from a local city company. If the rental is purely for a one-way journey, there may be a steep fee involved in leaving the car at a drop-off point. 

It’s important to know that the quality of cars can vary greatly between rental businesses. When it comes to breakdown cover and mileage, research the best companies.

People can also rent RVs, which are larger in size. There are plenty of car parks for these, fortunately. 


In North America, Amtrak is the national network. It’s not quite as extensive as those found in other countries, but it’s a valid option for most journeys. Buses are cheaper, but trains are still a great way to admire the scenery. Bookings should be made beforehand. There are additional options for comfort, such as paying for a sleeping compartment with extra food provision. 

There are also historic railroads dotted around America. They feature narrow gauge railways and steam trains. They are a real novelty for all the family, and usually provide sightseeing trips that last up to three hours. 


The traditional bus service is called Greyhound, but there are alternative options too. Megabus provides transport at an affordable price. When it’s not the traveler who is doing the driving, tourists are once again able to sit back and enjoy the view. 

All the biggest cities and towns in North America have bus connections. These get more patchy in the country, however, with fewer services and transport times. 

Ideally, no one wants to be in a bus station late at night. It can feel unsafe, especially for people traveling on their own. People can book reservations in advance, but sadly this doesn’t guarantee a seat. People, therefore, need to arrive and queue early. 


Many roads feature cycle lanes, and buses are okay with people bringing their bikes on board. Cycle trips in the country benefit from the reduced traffic and wider freeways. 

There is also a lot of support for cyclists, such as from the Adventure Cycling Association. It provides map information and details on places to visit. Such amenities as restaurants are also identified for the journies. 

America features some amazing cycle routes for enthusiasts. These include the Tour Of The Battenkill in New York, the Mount Evans Climb in Colorado, and the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina. 

Hitchhiking and Package Tours

Catching a lift from strangers is not the best idea in America. There are alarming stats of missing persons with rucksacks. It’s also a bad idea trying to catch the attention of passing cars. To do this, people place themselves dangerously close to the vehicles which are traveling at speed. It is for these reasons that some states have actually outlawed hitchhiking.

Some people like their whole holiday being sorted in advance. This may include booking plane tickets, travel to the accommodation and back, and the hotel fees. Big travel companies like Travelocity and Expedia also offer the chance to book day trips and car rental beforehand. This provides a sense of security and guarantees that the traveling experience will run smoothly. 

When the right means of transport has been selected, people can enjoy the journey and see the sights. It will hopefully add up to a truly memorable experience.

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